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At Buloke, We’re More Than Real Estate – We’re a Community Driven by Vision and Values.

Buloke began with a singular mission, to empower the working class through real estate investment opportunities. Our journey is rooted in unity, collective growth, and a commitment to revolutionize realty investments.

At Buloke , we’re more than just a real estate company; we’re a community on a mission. Our story started with a vision to uplift the working class by providing opportunities for real estate investment. What began as a single mission has grown into a movement, where we’re shaping futures through collective investment.

Elevate Your Investments: Unmatched Benefits with Buloke

Dive into refreshing laps amidst the serenity of your residential tower.

Our success is intertwined with the growth and prosperity of our community.

We empower individuals to turn their dreams into realities through real estate investment opportunities.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries and revolutionizing the real estate industry.

We are constantly innovating and thinking ahead to shape a better future for our community.

Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do.

Meet the Team Behind Buloke: Crafting Legacies, Building Communities

Meet Our CEO

Vaninath Reddy Renati

Embarked on a serendipitous journey into real estate several years ago, I found myself guided by the support of friends, clients, mentors, and family. Filled with invaluable lessons and cherished memories, this path led to the inception of Buloke . With a vision of “Investing Together, Growing Stronger,” my colleague Praneeth and I conceptualized this venture. It’s a journey marked by the collective commitment of well-wishers, shareholders, and loved ones, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each stakeholder. Welcome to the Buloke family.

Meet Our MD

Praneeth Reddy

Since 2009, I’ve been fervently driving our tech-driven real estate endeavors, initially focusing on marketing urban apartments. Rooted in a vision for modern living intertwined with eco-friendly practices, our journey has flourished. Over 11 years, we’ve meticulously crafted 13 layout projects across Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, each a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Our portfolio extends to over 400 interior designs for residential and commercial spaces, elevating countless properties’ aesthetic appeal. Notably, our dynamic marketing team has successfully facilitated the sale of 1 million square feet of apartments and lands. Our narrative is one of innovation, dedication, and an enduring commitment to a sustainable future.

Meet Our Chief Visionary Mentor

Balaji Pasumarthy

Balaji’s Passion is to Liberate Business Leaders from constraints, so they can be in their flow. His expertise is in creating highly engaged and self organizing teams. He shares his expertise through workshops and mentoring under Liberated Enterprise Creators LLP.
He has demonstrated this expertise through the organizations he set up, BNI Bangalore and Golden Square Offices. More than 40 entrepreneurs have implemented these concepts and gained immensely from them. He did his B-Tech from IIT-Madras, and MBA from IIM-Bangalore. An Entrepreneur most of his career, he believes work needs to be joy, and Entrepreneurship is about expressing your core.

Meet our Chief Consultant Compliance Officer

Medha Gokhale

Medha Gokhale has an experience exceeding 10 years in the field of Corporate Laws, Foreign Exchange Management Regulations and Listing with Stock Exchanges. She is a Fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and also holds a Master’s degree in Commerce and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations from IGNOU. She is also a registered Independent Director on Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) database. Medha was a former Company Secretary & Compliance Officer at Prestige Estates Projects Limited, a company listed on NSE & BSE and was a contributor to the huge success of Qualified Institutional Placement of shares and issue of debentures and its listing thereby in 2015. She holds to her credit being an attendee to the 15th International Professional Development Fellowship Programme conducted by ICSI in Maldives in the month of October 2021.

Meet our Chief Investment & Risk Officer

Sumanth Amarchinta

Sumanth is an exceptional Financial Services Leader with 15+ years of Investment experience. He has been trained under the best portfolio Managers in the disciplines of Fundamental and Quantitative investment strategies and Risk management. Sumanth spent 5+ years at Fidelity supporting over 500bn$ of assets through systematic quantitative models. Sumanth combines the power of Finance, Technology, and Data science. While at North Coast asset management, Sumanth managed over 300mn$ in assets by implementing AI driven quantitative strategies. He did his BTech from IIT Roorkee and MS from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA.

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